“The king of independent film.”

Casey Affleck, Academy Award® Winning Actor (Manchester by the Sea, Ocean’s Eleven, Gone Baby Gone)

“Dean brings all the resources needed.”

David O. Russell, Academy Award® Nominated Director (Flirting with Disaster, American Hustle, Silver Linings Playbook, The Fighter, Spanking the Monkey,
Three Kings)

"When you’re dealing with a low budget and a short amount of time to shoot in, producers often make the wrong trade-offs. But Dean is relentless when it comes to protecting the director... He’s going to make your film -- I can’t say that about most people.”

Michelle Satter, (Founding Senior Director, Artist Programs at Sundance Institute, The Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award Winner (AMPAS))

“Everything you hear is true…Dean is the only person in this business for whom I would drop everything to work with... If Dean had sent me a scrap of paper saying this is his script, I would do it."

Jeremy Davies, Emmy Award® Winning Actor (Saving Private Ryan, Lost, Justified)

"Dean is an amazing producer."

Juan Jose Campanella, Academy Award® Winning Director (The Secret in Their Eyes)

“Picture a Brooklyn born and raised modern day Jesus Christ as a film producer/lawyer and you’ve got Dean Silvers.”

Betsy Berne, Writer (The New Yorker, Vogue, New York Times Magazine)

“I have made many films and television shows in my career, and I don’t know anyone who knows the ins and outs of the industry better than Dean does. Also, he is an extremely entertaining guy.”

Matt Greenberg, Writer (Pet Sematary (2019), 1408, Seventh Son, Reign of Fire)

"Dean is a wonderful human being, and a terrific producer."

Marcie Bloom, (Founder and former President of Sony Pictures Classics)

“Dean Silvers has insider insights into every aspect of the movie business - from producing to marketing, from creative to management, from studio to independent filmmaking. Plus, he's a very funny guy.”

Rob Harris, Publicist (World War Z, The Monuments Men, Black Swan, Gladiator, The Bucket List), Author of “Unexposed Film: A Year on Location”

“He knows what it takes to make a great screenplay, but more importantly he is one of a handful of producers around who knows how to make a unique wonderful film for a price that will be financially successful.”

Rich Greenberg, Emmy Award® Winning Writer/Director (The Beauty Inside, Zoe, Desert Saints)

"I was impressed with Dean... He’ll pour his heart and soul and energy into his projects. Once he says yes, he won’t stop until it’s done."

Cheryl Miller Houser, Producer (A & E’s Biography, Wigstock: The Movie)

"Dean is incredibly passionate about his friends and the people he chooses to work with, along with being viscerally attached."

Ellen Parks, Casting Director (Sideways, Election, Secretary)